Can You Get Your DUI Expunged?

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Being arrested for or convicted of a DUI can put a black mark on your driving record, but it can negatively affect your life in other ways. For instance, some jobs may require that your driving record be clean. Because people tend to find the stigma of a DUI upsetting, they want to find out how to expunge record in Missouri or Kansas. With the help of a qualified lawyer, it may be possible to do so.

What Does It Mean to Expunge Record?

Potential landlords and employers have been known to ask applicants to disclose whether or not they have a criminal record. Someone who has been arrested for or convicted of a DUI would probably have to answer yes to this question if they do not expunge record. If you and your lawyer ask the court to expunge record, it means that the arrest or conviction record will be sealed. Afterward, you can truthfully say that you have never been arrested or convicted for a DUI.

Can You Expunge Record of a DUI in Missouri?

Your lawyer can ultimately advise you regarding whether or not you may expunge record of a DUI in Missouri. People who have a single DUI conviction that occurred more than 10 years ago may consult with a lawyer about having their record expunged. People with multiple DUI convictions in Missouri may not be able to expunge record.

Can a Lawyer Expunge a DUI Record in Kansas?

Typically, Kansas law permits a DUI conviction to be expunged between five and 10 years after all terms of the sentence were completed. Because expungement laws in Kansas are relatively complex, it’s best to consult with a lawyer regarding whether or not you may request an expungement. Your lawyer can file the pertinent paperwork with the court.

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